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About two days before August stepped in, I learned that the Japanese Government was going to implement an anti-Anime and Manga piracy campaign starting the said month.

And because of the unbelievably short notice, the number of titles in my watchlist that usually consisted of 5-6 Anime shows skyrocketed. I bet it's on 20 or so titles right now! Ughh. I put in every title I've ever thought of watching and rewatching. It has some new titles along with a handful of older and underrated ones that are now hard to find, and will be even more difficult when the policy starts to kick in. Had I not stalled myself from getting these titles when I first thought of watching them, I think I wouldn't be all panicky like I am now, lol. It just feels like I'm trying to get everything I can get before they're all taken down. And it feels kinda sad, actually.

I have lots of feels for those older titles, that's why I wanna try and get them--- the ones I watched when I was just starting to establish myself as an artist. Yeah, it's complicated, lol. And for the new ones, I just wanna catch up and update myself about the "industry." Seriously, I have to constantly remind myself that I can't just stick with the style/s of older shows just because of childhood nostalgia. Times are changing, and so are the animation and art styles.

I'm one of those 90's kid who grew up with Anime. I don't label myself as an "otaku," though. It's just that Anime has greatly influenced me ever since I was little. I've gotten over my initial reactions about this whole thing, and I have come to understand why it's happening. As someone beginning in this field, I can see how this so-called free access to Anime and Manga is hurting the Animation Industry. Whenever I watch Anime, I always and never fail to appreciate what's being played in front of my eyes as I observe details in the drawings and animation and camera angles--- all those technical stuff. I do critic, but I appreciate more. But my feelings become all void because they never really reach the ones who made these shows I have come to love. And even if I managed to send in my honest feelings, it still wouldn't be right for them because I didn't /legally/ purchase the stuff. You'd understand this scenario better if you placed yourself in the position of, let's say, a Mangaka. Imagine a fan saying that he/she loves your works dearly, but didn't really buy the stuff you worked on for months of deadlines and just got them off somewhere in the www. That would probably leave a bad aftertaste on your meeting. Of course you'd appreciate the appreciation more if that fan had actually bought some volumes of your manga. Right?

That is why I'm hoping that this new policy will be more of a motivation... for fans to work hard for them to be able to watch Anime and read Manga legally. Anime and Manga are products of the Japanese Culture as well as the Art Industry, and because they are products, they are to be bought. The people involved might be having fun, but they are not playing around; This is real work and they are seriously working their tails off every day (and night) beating quotas and deadlines for these titles we just /freely/ check out. If, before, we used our time to download or access these products from or on the internet, it's now time to bring back the right kind of equivalent exchange for this matter: no work/money, no anime/manga. This calls for discipline and self-control. It's what's gonna keep this industry up and running--- and it's what's gonna encourage these artists to continue their craft because being creative is not an easy thing when you're all stressed out, and I bet they are.

I feel sorry for trying to haul in everything in my watchlist, but if the policy is going to be relentlessly activated, I'd like to have this chance to /save/ this watchlist before I could purchase them officially. I've always thought of buying the ones I liked. :)

Although, the main problem remains: Language barrier for the titles with no english releases/translations.

Can fansubbing groups instead release the subtitles without the videos? Lol. Orrrr I could just get serious in learning Nihongo already! orz

EDIT: What what WHAAAATT I thought there were around 20 titles cuz it seemed like it but I tried counting everything and they added up to almost 70(?!!#*&%) This is just so unreal /creys

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