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I had a long and busy Saturday. Went to Prayerworks, where I received a wonderful prophecy when I asked for prayers. (Hint: a sparkling red gift full of surprises) Then a drowsy me excitedly met with close buddies at a certain megamall. I wanted us to get together before Christmas for the sole reason of wanting to pray for them and release God's word over them. After having a delish hi-protein pizza along with some mojos and chicken, we were off to buy stuff. They bought gifts, while I went searching for Flower Petals for. Four. Hours. I was supposed to return to church at around two or three in the afternoon to help with the party preparations but ended up leaving the mall at about six in the evening. My phone's batt already fainted just a little while after lunch, and I mistakenly thought that I still had to get the petals when it was getting late. Party's supposed to begin 5:30pm lol. So, we left the mall with tired feet, but with smiles because we had presents for each other and a great time and, of course, the Petals. (Thanks guys for helping and bearing with the long range back and forth walking. Sorry 'bout that, haha.) I went through the heavy traffic with a handful of paperbags. And of course they already had petals on the set. It was 7:30. Everything was great, everybody did a good job. I felt the need to say my apologies and I'm just grateful they're all mature people. Released Words were about prophesying to dry bones (Ezekiel), an Incredible year ahead, enjoying the New Season, and the reason for the White-themed gathering, Holiness (Romans). Keyword is to ENJOY. We also wrote prophecies to ourselves on a post-it which will be kept til we open them again after a year. I was honestly so dang tired (and sleepy bcoz only had an hour of sleep) but I'm glad I still got to enjoy this celebration. All thanks to the good Lord. And you know you're seriously sleepy when you lose grip and fall down the aisle of the bus on your way home.

Just happy that I got to finally pray for my friends with them around. And I really wanna open the presents they gave me asdfghhh!!! Cyndaquil plushie, Vongola keychains and Colton's second album!!! They asked me what I wanted and we were near Comic Alley and House of Praise, so yeah. (CA already has a Haikyuu Karasuno jaketto!! ;;) Thank you guuyyysss my Christmas wishlist has been dusty lately ahaha, being a happy kid rn ;u; Plus a couple of gifts from the Lifegroup party! Thank You Daddy for Your favor!!! It's been a while since I've had uhhh cool presents for Christmas. ;u;

ANYWAY. I miss drawing.
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