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 I just might look for a regular-paying job so I can buy a Nintendo 3DS and play the newer Pokemon games.
And have more food because man, I became so skinny after working on deadlines for only half a year?

I may or may not kidding. But I am wavering. Too bad because I do like the job.

I think I'm growing up to be a not-so-typical human being.
I'm starting to dig up ugly memories and question myself if I'm afraid of people or sth. I hate social gatherings. I just want to get no attention from peers though.

People around me are so into getting together and longing for (romantic) relationships. It's getting uneasy and really unbearable. Some are even trying to change my mind about it, like why. Everybody is too troublesome.

I wish it was a world where friendships remained pure.

But, alas, it's not.

I just hope they won't make too big of a deal out of my absence from the company anniversary, where they were all in formal garb.

Happy birthday to Okada Junichi-san!
Less than half a decade to go and all of V6 will be in their 40s.. (/ _ ; )

I wish today was a Saturday instead... (´∩`。)
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