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So it's been almost two weeks since I finished watching KHR. I couldn't wait for the downloads to finish so I resorted to youtube uploads instead. It was that good of a series to me. Maybe I'll write some of my thoughts about it next time.

Still, I'm waiting for the complete raws to be downloaded. Some days the speed is extremely great, and some days it's not moving at all, literally, so I think it's gonna take a long while. But that's enough time for me to make the english softsubs. Yay!

Wait, what?

Here goes. I just noticed that my subtitle source had incomplete softsubs for KHR, boo, resulting to me having to search for the missing ones like everywhere I could in the wide web. And I couldn't believe that they're nowhere... But oh yeah, I got a complete set, well, in Russian that is. Haha. But it's actually complete, so it's a very very good thing. Those would be "templates" for me to re-encode everything in the english language. And I think I'm not just gonna do the missing ones, y'know, for consistency purposes, lol.

I now have an excuse for watching KHR all over again.

I wonder how I seem to get myself excited over things like this, and not much when it's things like those?


I'm writing this in a confused and procrastinating state. A lot has happened over the past month that has brought conflict within me, and it feels like I'm on some kind of rampage lately. I feel weird--er. Definitely weirder. I need to make up my mind about important things.

Right now I'm finishing up Zettai Shonen. One of my rewatches, it's been 8/9 years? Can't remember exactly, but I was definitely too young to comprehend the lengthy exchange of conversations of the show at that time coz it feels like it's my first time knowing about everything in the story while seeing it now. Although I've confirmed that Aizawa Ayumu is still one of my anime crushes, lol. And at the moment I feel like Kisa, except for the bullied part.

There's one line that has really struck me in the episode I watched today, something about sticking to what you're involved in now... Not the exact words, but something to that sense.

So yeah. I'm doing a re-translation of Katekyo Hitman REBORN! in english. I'll share them with everyone once they're done, maybe.
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